Now that we finally have the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an essential requirement for the installer if their customer expects to claim RHI payments.

THE ROAD TO MCSGiven that most plumbing and heating installers have refrained from becoming approved under the MCS scheme, does that mean business in the domestic renewable energy sector is now the domain of only the specialists and large contractors who already have MCS approvals? Not necessarily.

Over three instalments we follow Sean Fineagan of Heatec Services Ltd of Emsworth in Hampshire. Heatec Services are members of the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (iphe) and are Gas Safe Registered. Heatec Services will be installing a Daikin Altherma Low Temperature Split System with a mix of Underfloor Heating and Radiators in a rurally located new build timber framed home. During the course of the article we will explore the reasons for the choice of installation by the owner and how IBD’s MCS support services through Heatec’s plumbers merchant HPS Plumbing and Heating Supplies (HPS) has supported the project.

One of the companies tendering for all of the plumbing and heating work on the project was Heatec Services. Heatec are not currently MCS approved but were aware that their Merchant HPS Plumbing and Heating Supplies in Havant work with IBD Distribution Ltd who specialise in providing MCS support and training services. IBD were asked to visit the owner of the property with Sean to help advise on the project. After submitting the quotation for all of the plumbing and heating work with options for both a LPG boiler and ASHP, Sean was awarded the contract. The decision for the owner then was whether to opt for the LPG boiler or Heat Pump system. Clearly the economics of the installation is critical for the owner as it is so easy for budgets to get out of control on self-build projects. After looking at the higher cost of the ASHP against the return on the RHI payments that the owner will receive it was clear that the ASHP was the correct choice for them.

Next time we look at how IBD’s services supported Sean and will ensure that the home owner receives a fully MCS compliant installation and will benefit from RHI payments for the installation.