IBD Distribution says that homeowners should prepare for reductions in Feed in Tariff (FIT) rates for all solar PV systems up to 50kW in the first few months of 2015. This news should encourage those considering this renewable technology to invest now.

There will definitely be a 3.5% reduction on January 1 2015 and, with installations in the fourth quarter of 2014 expected to exceed the 100MWp threshold, a possible further 3.5% reduction on April 1 2015.

The standard rate for systems up to 4kW could be reduced from 14.38p down to 13.38p/kWh by April 1 2015. ‚ÄúThis disappointing news should encourage homeowners to consider new solar PV installations as soon as possible,” says Darren Johnson, Technical Director of IBD.

IBD Distribution is in an ideal position to assist homeowners who want to take advantage of solar PV. The company is approved under the MicroGeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for Photovoltaic Solar (PV) and the systems that they sell can be offered with full MCS and Renewable Heat Incentive ( RHI ) support.

IBD is also a company with extensive experience in heat pumps, biomass and solar thermal systems. Solar PV complements these other renewable energy systems, providing homeowners with an outstanding choice to suit their specific requirements.

The greatest attribute of solar PV systems is their low maintenance and almost fit and forget nature of the technology. IBD is partnering with leading manufacturers and offering highly reliable products with good warranties.

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