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Welcome to Solar Live! Having read our blog for the installation of a Daikin Solar Thermal System at the beginning of 2012 you can now monitor the operation of this system in real time. The Solar live page will show you when the system is running and generating free energy into a twin coil solar cylinder from Daikin’s range of renewable energy products. The Daikin system comprises two flat panel on roof collectors, solar pump station and controller. For the purposes of the demonstration a Resol unit has been fitted to provide the web interface and data logging function.

The demonstration gives a pictorial view of the system with real time data for the collector temperature (solar panels), the return flow temperature (monitored on the pipe work at the pump station) and the cylinder temperatures at the base and at the top. You will see that the cold mains water enters the cylinder at the base of the cylinder and is heated by the solar coil.

When there is a 7°C difference (or greater) between the collector temperature and cylinder base temperature the solar pump station starts up circulating the solar thermal fluid around the system. When there is a 4°C (or less) difference in the reference temperatures the system will stop running. Relays in the solar controller decide whether to start the solar thermal pump or fire the boiler if there is insufficient solar activity.

As you will see the panels provide excellent performance and you will see an ever updating energy generation figure since the data collection began on March 17th 2012. This installation was completed by IBD Distribution Ltd as a demonstration of how we provide the plumbing and heating installer with not only excellent products from market leaders in renewable’s but also un-paralleled levels of technical support and system design capabilities. If you want to find out more how IBD Distribution Ltd can support your renewable energy projects please contact us.

Click here to download the Solar Live Daikin Case Study PDF

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