Available from UK distributor IBD, the Invisible.AC small duct high velocity comfort system is now available with touch-display ComfortZone™ room controllers and system zoning capability that gives s building the occupier the flexibility to control and set precise temperatures for different areas.

Invisible.AC provides air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification for residential and commercial premises, including new build, self-build and heritage properties. The system is designed to create comfortable living conditions all year round with minimal temperature variations and no drafts.

The new stylish and contemporary touch-display ComfortZone™ room controllers are designed for both contemporary and traditional properties. With their touch sensitivity, they allow the user to input set-point temperature values and to set seasonal controls for only heating (winter) or cooling (summer) as required.

There is also the facility to set different conditions for different zones to match Invisible.AC’s new system zoning capability that further increases energy efficiency. It gives the occupier the flexibility to control and set precise temperatures for different areas. The Twin Zone 3-10kW version can provide up to full duty performance in either zone and is ideal, for example, when one room may need full air conditioning on a hot summer day.

The Invisible.AC system is a convenient plug and play system, designed specifically for European markets. It includes discreet 25mm wide linear ceiling and floor outlet slot options for unobtrusive installation to match any style of room decor. The system is also one of the quietest available thanks to the use of acoustic technology and extensive insulation.

Compatible with reversible heat exchanger units to provide both heating and air conditioning from a single source, the Invisible.AC can be combined with a heat pump to increase energy efficiency and increase energy savings by 300% compared with conventional fossil fuel installations. Invisible.AC can be installed as a stand alone system or as part of a complete Renewable Heat Incentive installation.