Woodview House

May 29th, 2015
Invisible Air Conditioning Woodview house ascot

When the owners of Woodview House were looking to install air conditioning into their Ascot home, they contacted locally based specialists Eco Comfort UK, to review the options available to them. The requirement was not only to provide comfort cooling during the summer season but to also offer energy efficient heating that would complement their gas fired central heating system during the winter months. The heating and cooling system was designed to maintain a comfortable environment in all of the bedrooms on the first floor of the property. Following discussions with IBD Distribution, Eco Comfort UK, the locally based specialists in renewable technology, opted for a complete solution using innovative products supplied by IBD Distribution.

IBD recommended the Invisible.AC small duct high velocity heating and air conditioning system (sdHVAC) linked to a high efficiency Daikin heat pump condensing unit. This combination was selected as the most energy efficient, responsive and unobtrusive solution for a property of this type, which not only provides cooling during the summer, but offers an energy efficient means for heating the bedrooms, without the requirement to run the gas central heating system for the whole of the property. The system is controlled by the occupants using a Heatmiser wall mounted controller on the landing, which can be set at “boost/medium/low” running speeds to provide exactly the right level of cooling/heating required. During normal operation it is set to “automatic” mode which means the system will adjust the cooling/ heating requirements in direct proportion to the demand in bedrooms.

The system features a low energy central air handling unit mounted in the loft space, which is connected to a central plenum supply duct and mini duct delivery system, which supplies each of the five bedrooms. This means the system is very cost effective to run, has low noise levels and hidden from view. “I am very impressed with the quality of service, installation and performance of the system installed” added the owners, and would have no hesitation in recommending Eco Comfort UK Ltd, to anybody considering installing a heating or cooling system in their home.

IBD Distribution is the UK master distributor for the Invisible.AC sdHVAC system and has already installed it in both new and refurbished residential and commercial properties throughout the UK. Aesthetically, it is a pleasing solution and the owners of Woodview House are delighted with the small, discreet circular room cooling outlets located in the ceilings of the bedrooms. The owners are also particularly pleased with the system’s quick response time and even air circulation.

IBD Distribution worked closely with contractor Eco Comfort UK to meet the owners’ exact requirements. Piers Gilbert, Director of Eco Comfort UK Ltd, commented: “The system specified was chosen because it perfectly meets the needs of the owners, whilst the effective combination of the Invisible AC ducted system with Daikin’s market leading heat pump condensing unit ensures a reliable, and economical installation, leading to an efficient, and unobtrusive solution to providing comfort cooling in a domestic environment.