Shannon Knights

May 29th, 2015
shannon knights

To achieve the required air input for the specified HVAC performance, the ductwork would have needed to be very large with multiple roof penetrations. With the venue’s small ceiling voids and the need to prevent unnecessary load bearing impact on its structure, Invisible.AC sdHVAC systems were ideal. Other advantages included energy saving performance thanks to the ebm-papst EC fan blowers and specifications to match all current European legislation. Operating noise levels were minimal.

Four Invisible.AC air handling units provide the required levels of heating and cooling, compared to the fourteen cassettes that would have been needed with a conventional HVAC solution.

“We would have no hesitation in choosing it for all types of commercial or residential new build or refurbishment projects,” says Hugh Foley of RTS

This has ensured minimal structural disruption whilst the small diameter flexible ducting sits comfortably in the low ceiling voids alongside electrical and sophisticated lighting cabling.

The Invisible.AC air handlers are linked to 20kW Daikin condensing units with two systems fitted in the night club area, one in the Bistro and one in the Lounge area. CO2 detectors have also been installed to provide fresh air. They also link to a CHP system. The Invisible.AC systems were put through their paces when outside temperatures fell as low as -7 degrees C but both the required heating levels and conditioned air supply were achieved without problem. Now every weekend evening, 500+ revellers enjoy the perfect atmosphere