Nursing Home, Bristol

May 29th, 2015
Small Duct Heating and Cooling

Using renewable energy sources, IBD has designed, supplied and commissioned a heating and hot water system for Cedar Care under the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. It features Grant biomass wood pellet boilers that provide low temperature hot water for IBD’s Envirotube underfloor heating system and domestic hot water at the new Gracefields Nursing Home for dementia and general nursing in Downend, Bristol.

Supplied through local plumbers’ merchant BBS, the two Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) approved Grant Spira biomass condensing wood pellet boilers were specified by IBD. They meet the requirements of the RHI scheme whilst also providing a safe and convenient means of providing heat and hot water using renewable energy. They also offered a highly attractive return on investment for Cedar Care compared with conventional condensing gas boilers. Over a 20 year period the projected energy savings and RHI contributions will be worth around £400,000.

To achieve the required energy output, IBD examined alternative green energy sources for Gracefields, including air source heat pumps, before recommending the two 72kW Grant Spira wood pellet boilers. They have been conveniently installed in the nursing home’s basement, complete with hopper and feed auger, flues, pump kits and an adjacent outdoor wood pellet fuel store. Combining the two boilers has allowed their precise electronic controls to modulate as one to control energy usage precisely. This, in conjunction with the condensing process, ensures highly energy efficient operation.

The heating system applied by IBD for the whole property includes their Envirotube underfloor heating system with screeds on all floors. IBD recommended Envirotube because of its guaranteed compatibility in terms of output and operating parameters with the wood pellet boiler. System designs featuring Envirotube underfloor heating systems also use BS EN 12831 standard heat loss calculations, in strict accordance with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme quality guidelines. This ensures that the system will perform as it is designed to do and the energy efficiencies of the Grant wood pellet boiler are safeguarded.

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