Milford On Sea

May 29th, 2015
Commercial case study

The restoration and rebuild of the former art-deco beach front Marine Café at Milford-on-sea has been completed with the assistance of the professional services of IBD Distribution of Verwood. The company took responsibility for the design and installation of the latest renewable energy based heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to achieve the aims of cafe owner Richard Thompson.

Having owned the property for a number of years, owner Richard not only wanted to recreate an iconic building, but also wanted to make it as energy efficient as possible. After initially engaging one of the UK’s leading sustainable building consultants, IBD Distribution of Verwood was also employed to provide a complete mechanical package incorporating heat pump powered under floor heating, a solar hot water system and heat recovery ventilation.

IBD Distribution specified a Daikin Altherma Heat Pump System for the installation. Two systems are used, one for the owners’ own apartment and one for the commercial café. Both systems power the under floor heating as well as the domestic hot water in the apartment. A five panel solar array generates completely free energy to deliver up to 800 litres of hot water per day for the restaurant and café bar.

This represents an energy saving of some 10,000 kW hours per year and reduces the buildings CO2 emissions by 1,940 kg per year. The heat pumps, although powered by mains electricity, reduce our power consumption and resulting CO2 emissions for the heating and air conditioning by up to 66%.

The installation utilises the same heat pump system to provide comfort cooling when the heating system is not required during the summer months. This was made possible by including two very compact and low energy consumption Invisible.AC air handling units and mini-duct delivery system. These provide cooling in the cafe area where conventional ceiling cassettes or ducted fan coil units could not be located because of their size. The installation also has a very pleasing aesthetic design with the small wall Invisible.AC outlets blending seamlessly with décor of the refurbished cafe.

“We were very pleased with what we have achieved and look forward to offering the local community not only the very best in fine food and wine but also a low impact and environmental conscious venue, says Richard Thompson.