May 29th, 2015
Domestic air conditioning

IBD has made a major contribution to the on-going development of one of Ireland’s most well known business centres. The Macroom E-Business Centre, based in the Lee Valley region, supports local enterprise and the economic development of the area whilst also promoting environmental best practice. The latest development at the Business Centre has been the conversion of a number of warehouses, connected to existing offices, into office space through the creation of new mezzanines areas. To provide heating and cooling to these areas, IBD has supplied eight Invisible.AC small duct high velocity (sdHVAC) air conditioning systems.

The sdHVAC Invisible.AC systems were ideally suited to this application and were selected by RTS (Ross Technical Services), a highly experienced specialist in the cooling & heating sector. The Invisible.AC system is differentiated from conventional air systems as it uses flexible mini-ducts, rather than large ducts, which snake through wall and ceiling cavities before delivering conditioned air to the workspaces. The system is also design led to suit any interior environment and within the new office areas at the Macroom E-Business Centre, the small unobtrusive room outlets are mounted around the ceiling edges.

The Invisible.AC system includes air-handling units that are linked to an existing wood pellet burner, for heating, and to ground source heat pumps to provide the cooling.

The flexibility of the Invisible.AC system to link seamlessly with virtually any air or ground source heat pumps as well as any hot water source for heating, including a wood pellet burner, was a major reason for its specification for this environmentally led project.

A quick response time, even air circulation with consistent room temperatures of no more than 1°C variation and no cold or hot spots were other benefits of the installation. The system also operates very quietly and that was important for the office environment.

Originally opened in 2004, the Macroom E-Business Centre has many other environmental features including solar heating system to heat water, the collection of rainwater that is used as grey water for toilets. All the electrical equipment is highly energy efficient, whilst south facing windows allow for passive solar heating. The timber used in the construction of the building is from environmentally sustainable sources and roof lighting with northern aspects have been installed in order to increase natural daylight and decrease the dependence of artificial lighting. The building has also been insulated well to optimise the control of heat loss.