Integrated Solution

May 29th, 2015
HVR System

A property in Stratford Upon Avon is one of the latest homes to benefit from the expertise of IBD in the field of renewable technologies. A combination of Daikin High Temperature Altherma Heat Pumps, Envirotube underfloor heating and a Polypipe heat recovery system have fully met the needs of owner Steve Gant who has created a modern, highly energy efficient property from a 1940s bungalow.

The original stone-built bungalow suffered from many age-related problems including draughts, ill-fitting windows and bad insulation. When Steve decided to modernise the property he also wanted to extend it to create a modern highly energy efficient 3200 square feet home with triple glazing and the highest levels of insulation with a heat loss U Value of less than 1.

To take advantage of government incentives, he decided to opt for renewable technologies for heating and hot water in the new property. He visited a number of companies at the 2012 Ecobuild exhibition before deciding to use the expertise of IBD who impressed him with their product ranges, impartiality and experience in this market.

Steve was keen to include renewable Air Source heat pump technology as part of the solution for the whole property. He wanted it to provide the energy for both the new extension’s new underfloor heating as well as for the existing wet heating system in the bungalow and for the provision of domestic hot water. IBD recommended the Daikin Altherma High Temperature heat pump with a 200 litre cylinder.

It links up to a new underfloor Envirotube heating system which has been installed on both the ground and first floors of the extension. Envirotube was selected for this job by IBD because of its suitability to operate from the Daikin heat pump. IBD also recommended a Polypipe heat recovery system that effectively recovers and recirculates all the heat from the underfloor heating and radiators to provide a really highly energy efficient solution.

The effectiveness of the installation has been highlighted by the fact that in its first few months during the winter of 2012/13, the underfloor heating only need to be on for three or four hours per day and the heat recovery system has provided all the extra heat energy required to keep the property warm.

“IBD’s experience in the whole package of renewable, heat recovery, heat pumps and underfloor heating is a major advantage. They can see all the energy saving possibilities and maximise the potential by combining market leading products into one fully integrated, highly efficient installation,” says Steve.