June 08th, 2017
Home Air Conditioning Systems

Leading private residential housing developer Simon Ellinger and his appointed heating and plumbing installer have taken advantage of the renewables expertise and Microgeneration Certification Scheme  (MCS) services provided by IBD Distribution.

Having decided with the appointed planning consultant to utilise renewables rather than fossil fuel heating to provide heating and hot water for the two adjoining properties in a new development in Wiltshire, the next question was to consider the specific renewable energy source and heating delivery systems.

In order to meet local authority planning and conservation area requirements, air source heat pumps (ASHPs) were specified rather than solar panels. Compatible with Envirotube underfloor heating, this combination was selected for the ground floor heating of the properties, with traditional radiators on the upper floor.

IBD Distribution is a Specialist Daikin UK Renewables Distributor and an organisation with extensive experience in designing and commissioning renewable residential heating and ventilation systems for both new build and renovation products.

“With Building Control upping the requirements for energy conservation and demanding increased use of renewables in developments, IBD were in the perfect position to provide everything we needed. They could design the heating installation, supply all the products as a one stop shop and also provide all  the support our appointed plumbing and heating installer needed to complete the project on time, exactly to our specification”, says Simon Ellinger.

The solution proposed by IBD for each property was a Daikin Altherma 7kW LT monobloc low temperature ASHP to provide hot water and  act as a source of renewable energy for the Envirotube underfloor heating (UFH) and radiators in both homes. A very compact and highly energy efficient heat pump solution, the Daikin Altherma LT monobloc ASHP can deliver flow temperatures up to 55°C with a market-leading COP (Coefficient of Performance). It is an ‘out of the box’ solution for the installer with its simplified wiring and completely sealed refrigerant circuit that only requires water connections. The compact outdoor unit contains all the key hydraulics and can be positioned in the most convenient outside wall location.

The Envirotube underfloor heating is ideal for use in conjunction with Daikin Altherma low temperature ASHPs due to the energy efficiencies involved and the IBD guarantee of compatibilty between the UFH and the Daikin heat pump.

Following specification of the renewable heating system Craig Horrocks, from the plumbing and heating contractor C & S Plumbing, sourced all the products on schedule as a complete package through IBD’s appointed local distributor, Plumbstop of Melksham. As  Craig had no previous experience with installing renewables,  IBD’s Total MCS Solutions for installers were essential.

“ Like many other installers, we do not have Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation. So IBD is a company that offers everything that I needed for this installation, including comprehensive guidance on installing the system, commissioning through Daikin UK and then sign-off to the MCS scheme’s requirements,” says Craig.

IBD produced comprehensive product specifications, installation instructions, schematics as well as on-site and telephone support throughout the installation. According to Craig this made his first Daikin renewable ASHP installation so smooth that he is encouraged to undertake more similar projects. “ With IBD able to undertake the MCS sign-off on my behalf, I can see that renewable projects – especially in rural off-grid areas – can be attractive, especially in new builds. Renovation projects may be more complex but feasible too, depending on the installation,” says Craig.

Simon Ellinger concludes: “ For this project, IBD provided a cradle to grave solution for us and will also be on hand over the coming years to provide any technical support needed to assist the homeowners in get the maximum returns from using renewables. From our viewpoint we now have a template for all future renewable projects.”


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