Hotel Chocolat

May 29th, 2015
Commercial Invisible AC

IBD Distribution has supplied a 20kW Invisible.AC small duct high velocity air handling system (sdHVAC) to Hotel Chocolat’s new store at Westfield Stratford, the largest shopping centre in Europe. It will help to both keep the chocolate pristine and provide comfort for staff and visitors in this latest high ceiling open-fronted store.

The store is a departure from the usual Hotel Chocolat store concept, featuring a weathered style inspired by the company’s own Rabot Estate plantation on St Lucia. Guests can pull up a stool at the new Tasting Bar and enjoy a self-guided tasting of interesting grades of chocolate with expert tasting notes. Key to the ambience of the store is an ideal in-store climate and the Invisible.AC sdHVAC system offers advantages not achievable with other types of climate control systems.

Distributed solely in the UK by IBD Distribution, Invisible.AC provides the facility for full heating, cooling and climate control. The system differentiates itself from conventional air systems by using mini-ducts rather than large ducts to deliver conditioned air. The system combines discreet styling with industry leading technologies. The powerful 20 kW capacity units are conveniently located in the roof space and the cooling coils feature an innovative coil design and materials for higher cooling duties, a quick response time, even air circulation with consistent room temperatures of no more than 1 degree C variation.

Soltec UK Limited installed the system at Hotel Chocolat. Owner Gary Rouse comments: “The Invisible.AC system is simple to install and for the contractor its flexibility is a major advantage. IBD and Invisible.AC provided us with excellent technical support.”