Heatherdale House

May 29th, 2015
Domestic air conditioning unit

Heatherdale House at Crowcombe Heathfield is a highly energy efficient contemporary property where the planners stipulated that the house must be an energy-efficient, eco built structure. IBD Distribution has provided a renewable energy system for the property. They recommended a heat pump because for every unit of electricity used, the homeowner gets two or three units free, depending on the outside air or ground temperature and the type of heat pump selected.

The property is a timber frame structure with high performance insulation panels. Having looked at the plans and made the SAP calculations to see the thermal properties of the building, IBD recommended the installation of an air source heat pump rather than a ground source system. This was largely dictated by the return on investment and the disruption of ground-works that a ground source heat pump would have caused.

IBD’s system comprises two 16kW air source heat pumps and six solar thermal panels. Underfloor heating was also installed throughout the house provided by 2.5km of pipes through which hot water is pumped thanks to energy generated by the heat pump. There are also two hot water cylinders for domestic hot water and the six solar thermal panels heat these, with free energy from the sun, so there is no need for the heat pump to be operating in hot water mode when the sun is shining.

As the property is a very air tight building, IBD also installed heat recovery ventilation which maintains good air quality by putting fresh air into the habitable rooms and taking out the stale air through ductwork within the ceilings and extractors in the kitchen, bathrooms and wet rooms.

Darren Johnson, Technical Director of IBD commented: “In an air tight building like Heatherdale, renewable energy is the ideal approach. It provides the best value to the client, getting the right balance between the capital expenditure and the return on that investment.”

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