B2B Graphics

May 29th, 2015

When Clint Green of B2B Graphics in Bicester moved into his new industrial unit, he knew he would have a problem keeping the print shop cool. “The large format colour printers consume a fair amount of power which is converted into heat. This is fine during the winter as it keeps the heating bills low, but in summer we have a problem keeping the equipment and staff cool,” says Clint.

IBD Distribution looked at the problem and came up with an innovative solution. As the heat source was not only high but localised in the areas of the printers, a industrial spot cooling solution was called for. IBD Distribution chose a fan coil air handling unit from Invisible.AC as it offered high velocity ducted cooling which would be very responsive. When matched to a highly energy efficient and reliable Daikin air source heat pump, the solution was complete.

“We are very pleased with the result,” says Clint. “The system operates automatically to provide heating when necessary. Once the printers have been running for a few hours the system changes itself over to cooling mode and deals with any issues of overheating. It is not running all the time and only turns on an off a few times an hour. This keepsg us at a steady and comfortable room temperature.”

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