May 29th, 2015
Domestic renewable heat incentive


When Mr and Mrs Golar decided to totally renovate their home, they wanted to ensure that the most eco friendly building and building services solutions were specified throughout the property. Having become aware of the benefits of small duct high velocity heating and air conditioning systems (sdHVAC) by visiting a major UK exhibition, they set their architect Appleton Weiner the task of specifying the best supplier of the technology for their application. As a result IBD Distribution was selected to provide an eco-friendly whole house heating, cooling and domestic hot water solution for the property.

The house in Ealing was completely gutted and stripped back to outer walls and roof before being renovated to the highest standards, fully compliant with the latest Building Regulations. Many new features have been incorporated to ensure the highest levels of energy efficiency have been achieved. These include extensive new glazing and the heating and cooling in the house was therefore critical.

IBD undertook the mechanical design specification for this project. The heating and cooling system uses the Invisible.AC sdHVAC system powered by Daikin Altherma heat pumps and covers all domestic hotwater features. Underfloor heating was recommended by IBD to provide heating to the ground level stone floor areas.

Invisible.AC is differentiated from conventional air systems by using mini ducts to deliver conditioned air to individual rooms. The system is also design led, combining stylish aesthetics with cutting edge technology that ensures quick response time, even air circulation and consistent room temperatures with no hot or cold spots.

The Invisible.AC system provides a responsive, draft free even temperature in every room of the property when used for heating and comfort cooling. It can also be used for ventilation if heating or cooling is not required.

One of the attractions of the Invisible.AC system for the owners was that they did not want unsightly wall mounted heating or cooling units and the Invisible.AC slotted room outlets blend seamlessly with the property’s internal architectural features and decor. Some outlets have been incorporated into fitted wardrobes. The control panels, which provide individual room control, also look attractive with their illuminated blue back lit displays.

The property’s new loft conversion has sloping walls and from an installation point of view, a conventional air conditioning system, with its large air handling units, was not suitable. In contrast, two Invisible.AC compact air handling units fit neatly in the eaves of the roof spaces even though it has been subject to a loft conversion. The air handling units operate very quietly and cause no noise disturbance in the bedrooms below. The third air handler is located in the roof space above the kitchen which has been created from an extension to the garage.

Each Invisible.AC unit is linked to a Daikin Altherma air source heat pump. A-rated for energy efficiency, they are inverter driven so that they operate economically in accordance with the required load. They also have low noise levels and have been located conveniently in the garden with no risk of noise disruption to neighbours.

Thanks to David Appleton of Appleton Weiner, the 1930’s property has been completely modernised to an extremely high aesthetic standard, incorporating contemporary styling and maximising the potential for eco-friendly comfort cooling.